Sound installation, 10min, loop, headphones, English subtitles, chair, LED light

Somniloquy is an aural self portrait, edited from personal sleep talking recordings that were collected during 40 nights in April and May 2009.


She makes me laugh, she scares me, she embarrasses me. Her voice arrives without notice, permission, filtering, or sublimation. I hunt her, I collect her, I wait for her to come after dark. Every morning I open last night’s audio file, and start running my eye over the waveforms, waiting for them to shake. Piece by piece I pick them up, label them, and store, waiting for her to emerge from the accumulating fragments of speech. I felt close with her from the beginning. The sound of her voice merged with my thoughts and the room that we share. What else do we share? Which words from my day will she choose to utter at night?

(Meital Covo, 2009)

Installation  at the Royal College of Art, 2009

(English subtitles, 1 speaker, headphones, chair, led lights)


_Installation  at the MusraraMix 11th festival

(Hebrew subtitles, 2 speakers, 2 benches, led lights)

4 Somniloquy @ Musrara 2 s

Somniloquy @ Musrara 1m


The recording site


Somniloquy - recording

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