The Sleeptalkers (Israel)


 Photographer: Arik Futterman


Sound installation, 5 synchronized loud speakers, 8 headphones, chairs, mattress. varied lengths

The Sleeptalkers (Israel) was created using the recorded sleep-talk of ten Israelis, aged between 3 months and 87 years. Each sleep-talker was recorded in her/his own bedroom, during 20-30 nights. From The hundreds of recording hours, Covo extracted and built an aural portrait of his/her sleeping mind.

Among the recorded sleeptalkers, an eighty-seven years old woman repeating the word ‘mommy’ over and over again, a thirteen years old boy whispering urgently ‘help me!’, and a thirty-nine years old man who moans, complains, curses, and then shifts to repeatedly saying ‘yes, yes, yes…’ .

In the sound installation ‘The Sleeptalkers (Israel)’ they all met at the ‘First Friday’ exhibition space at the Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan – ten disembodied voices, ten bedrooms, and hundreds of dreams.


Gallery talk with professor Henry Abramovitch

Photographer: Eyal Katz

Professor Henry Abramovitch is a Jungian analyst, clinical psychologist, anthropologist and medical educator. He is the founding President of Israel Institute of Jungian Psychotlogy, and a Professor at the Tel Aviv University.


Installation documentation, the Museum for Israeli Art, Ramat Gan

_MG_6136mInstallation documentation, Photographer: Michal Tobias
_MG_6127Photographer: Michal Tobias
6_MG_6062Photographer: Michal Tobias
4_MG_6118Photographer: Michal Tobias
_MG_5856Photographer: Michal Tobias
_MG_5854Photographer: Michal Tobias